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Barcamp Vienna (Oct. 2008)

Wahlkampf 2.0

This weekend it is barcamp time again in Vienna. Yesterday was the first day, on which Max Kossatz hold a good talk about the Austrian pre elections campaigns.

Most of the parties except the FPÖ were using famous Web 2.0 applications like flickr, youtube and twitter to propagate their messages to the people. The parties made some small mistakes like twittering on “Wilhelm Molterers” tweet while he was in conference on television. It’s an open secret that most of the candidates do not write their own (micro-)blogs, but doing it in such an obvious way is not good at all.

The main criticism that Max Kossatz exposed, was that all parties completely failed to acknowledge the fact that Web 2.0 is the social net. On flickr and the candidates blogs comments where turn off. On twitter the candidates had some followers but did not follow other peoples. They wanted to reach people but they did not accept any commentary either good or bad. Austria’s parties have never been good in accepting criticism as a chance to move in another direction.

Another interesting observation that Max made, was that articles in print media and blog posts about the same topic did not lead in the same direction. The parties missed out some points that were important to people and talked instead of other stuff.


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