Ruby Warrior

October 8, 2008 at 7:39 am Leave a comment

A fun way to learn Ruby

The subtitle is a bit of a contradiction, because Ruby is fun to learn. But still you can have more fun, when you play Ruby Warrior by Ryan Bates.

Ruby Warrior is a role based game, where you have to guide a warrior through a dungeon. It starts quite easy, but quickly gets harder. Each level the brave warrior gets attributes, that help him to get through all trouble. You control your warrior with Ruby commands like warrior.walk! or warrior.attack! – see the readme for all commands.

On higher levels life gets really hard for the warrior. Trying to develop an artifical intellegence for the hero gets tricky. Of course you can cheat by defining the exact moves for each level, because the game does not know any randomness. The code you write to guide your warrior to the end of a level, has to be changed quite often – methods are defined and refactored nearly each level, because you do not know what expects you on the next level, it is hard to predict how to define your methods.

I encourage you to give the game a try, even if you have not any Ruby knowledge at all.


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